Karen Sofield with                  Mimi Guarino with

"Bunny", Ch. Paxon's Lady of the Lake CD, CGC


"Dory", Paxon's Badd to Da' Bone CD


WHO WE ARE                 by Karen Sofield

It all started 20 years ago! Joe mentioned several times, "If I ever get another dog, I want a Kerry Blue Terrier."  I didn't even know what they looked like! We had purchased our house and just moved in.  Seems the former owner's son was not the nicest guy in the world! Our house was broken into twice the first month we were here! The police were pretty sure it was this guy, but no way to prove it. Their solution, "Get a dog."  So I did!

I was aware of the puppy mill situation, so I went right to the AKC, figuring they could refer me to a breeder. Their stance, back then, was, "We can't refer breeders!"  I was like, "What do you mean?  How am I going to find a Kerry Blue from a reputable breeder if you can't help me!"  So, they very nicely gave me the phone number for the Secretary of the US Club. I called her, in Oregon, and she kindly referred me back to Long Island and Aileen Santo. Aileen did not have any puppies, but her wonderful "Sampson", Ch. Paxon's Dancer's Image, had sired a litter from Bob Thompson's bitch, Ch. Keriden's Missy Blue. We piled Joe, the two girls and my nephew, JR, into the pick up and headed off to Newark to meet the little brat.  Bob had two bitches and a dog available. We definitely wanted a dog. When we got there the little boy was happily beating up his sisters in their puppy play pen! It was love at first sight!

And that's how we got "Beau", or Bozo as he was often called. "Beau" was just a wonderful dog. Everything Joe ever wanted and guess what, I was hooked!  Even though "Beau" had been sold to us as a pet, Joe felt (like many new owners!), that "Beau" was championship material. And I guess he was. I'll never forget the day he finished in Hartford, CT & became Ch. Keriden's Beau Jangles!  Joe & I were sitting up in the stands so he wouldn't see us. Aileen was handling him and he was just having a field day, barking at the other dogs and letting everyone know what a top dog he was! We videotaped that win and, until he died, we would play it for him. Whenever he heard himself barking, he would start barking back! As I said, Bozo was an appropriate name!

We lost our wonderful "Beau" at 13 years of age to Cushing's Disease.  To this day, I miss him.

"Scarlett", Paxon's Scarlett O'Hara came into our lives when "Beau" was 7 and it was love at first sight! "Beau" & "Scarlett" were wonderful together and it created a monster, me! To this day Joe says, "I wanted one dog!  "One!"  We now have 4!

My first breeding, of course, was "Beau" & "Scarlett".  From that breeding we got "Bonnie Blue" who produced "Chukie".  By this time, my sister, Mimi, was buying a house and raring to get a Kerry Blue.  She, of course, had fallen in love with mine and wanted one of her own.  She had a very old mixed breed, Puddles, so we figured a female would be best for her. "Chukie", by the way, is a Turkish word meaning "Little One". 

I had been socializing one of Aileen's bitches when we lost "Beau".  She was suppose to go to Canada and when Aileen called me to tell me that she would be leaving soon, I told her NO WAY!  To this day we joke about the fact that I "stole" "Bunny" from her! 

"Bunny" (Ch. Paxon's Lady of the Lake CD,CGC) was my wonder dog!  She introduced me to so many other aspects of the dog world that I can never thank her enough.  When we got "Bunny" I decided that if I was going to have a multiple dog home, I had better get a real good handle on their behavior so I found the Nassau Dog Training Club.

"Bunny" & I started obedience at 4 months of age.  WOW!  This was fun! I got so involved with obedience because I was so totally amazed at the difference it made. It is quite nice to be able to take your dogs anywhere and to have people come up to you and ask where you got that wonderful dog!  I always tell them, "They aren't born this way!" 

Both Mimi & I are now very much involved with the Nassau Dog Training Club. Mimi is the Treasurer and I'm the AKC Delegate for the Club. We meet every Tuesday night for training and our club offers training classes for the general public. The Club also hosts the yearly Obedience Trial in connection with the Westbury Kennel Club show which is held every autumn at the Planting Fields Arboretum. I have finished "Scarlett" to a CGC, "Bunny" to a CGC & CD,
"Tigger" to CD & TDI.  Mimi has finished "Dori" to a CD & "Chukie" to a CD & TDI.

One thing you learn after you've been around this wonderful breed for a while is that while they have many similar characteristics, they are also so very different. "Chukie" was the sweetest, most loving Kerry you would ever want to meet - unless you were a squirrel or a mouse!  I spent over an hour one night trying to get her into the house. There was no way she was coming until she got that mouse in the wood pile!  By the time I finally grabbed her collar, I was ready to do her in! But she gave me such a nice kiss, I just couldn't do it!  This is what makes Kerries so very special. They keep you on your toes, but they give you such unconditional love!

The future looks good.  We have "Larry",
Ch. Jorkaite's Lorenzo of Dalton,
who's grandmother is my "Bunny" & his father is "Mick", Ch. Torum's Scarf Michael. "Larry" finished at 15 months and will be specialed as soon as he gets more color. However, he is very busy at obedience school and, hopefully, will have his obedience title some day! "Sparkle" is also finished and working on her obedience title. "Crackers" is just being brought out into the breed ring, and already is major pointed, and the newest addition, Dalton's Royal Sarabande, just was born and will be introduced this coming year. 





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